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Monitor your vessel via mobile, tablet or desktop.
NautAlert will send you a text and/or e-mail of any issues that arise. (Low voltage, Too cold, Too hot, Water high, Door/hatch opened)

laptop pro

Relax! - We'll keep an eye on your boat

Powered from your shore power system or Battery 1 so if there is an interruption in shore power, your unit remains operational from Battery 1.

Using the latest LTE technology to transmit data every 5 minutes to our servers.

Simple to mount, the unit comes with pre-fabricated connectors for batteries, bilges, external temperature, high water, and door/hatch contact alarms. (Some are optional accessories)

A drop in shore power triggers an immediate alert.

Monitor your cabin's temperature with our optional external temperature sensor. Particularly important if your live in a hot climate where A/C is necessary to keep the cabin cool for pets or children or in colder climates where cold temperatures could cause freezing pipes or engines where an onboard heater is used to maintain a minimum cabin temperature.

Key Features

Here’s a short list of our favorite features for monitoring your boat

E-mail and text message alarms can be sent based on alarms you set.

9 critical monitoring Features!

Battery 1

Battery 2

Shore Power

Bilge 1

Bilge 2

Internal Temperature

External Temperature

High Water Alarm

Door/Hatch Contact Alarm

laptop pro

Web Interface for your Desktop Support

Curious how the weather is affecting your boat's systems? Keep a window open on your desktop at home or work and keep an eye on temperatures, bilge pumps or water level.

Mobile Design

Check in from your phone or tablet from anywhere!

On vacation but curious about the status of your boat? Just a few taps and you can see how your boat is doing now as well as graphs of your systems over time.

iOS and Android

NautAlert apps are fully responsive and will scale itself to any mobile or tablet device.

Monitor from Anywhere

Whether at home or on vacation, always know the status of your boat.

EASY Installation

No need for a mechanic to install!

Even non-mechanical users can hook this up. You got this!

Checkout our introduction video


Monitoring Packages

Two options based on how YOU enjoy using your boat.

Do you pull your boat at the end of the season or leave it in the water?


Seasonal Monitoring - $99

Select this option if you are a seasonal boater. We'll take care of monitoring your boat April 15th to October 15th.


Year Round Protection - $149

Are you a live aboard or enjoy using your boat year round? This is the package for you.

NautAlert Packages

We have three monitoring options for you.

Basic Package, Deluxe Package and À la carte Packages.

laptop pro

Pro package - $399

All the pages, all the components all the bells and whistles included in one package. Pick and choose what pages and components to use, mix and match or use 'em all! Totaly up to you, but you'll definately have more options.

laptop pro

Standard package - $349

Just what you need to get up and running. The Standard package is a pre-designed website you can use to start building your own. Pages and layouts .

laptop pro


Select the specific items you want: extra battery/bilge connections, external temperature sensor, high water alarmm and/or contact alarm.