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NautAlert App

Simple, Informative, Easy to Use!

Our app shows you all your critical systems at a glance.

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Know everything going on with your boat with our easy to navigate app. Simplistic and informative, our app makes it easy to keep an eye on your boat no matter where you are.

boat systems monitoring

Systems at a Glance

See all of your ships systems at a glance. Batteries, shore power, bilge pumps, temperatures, contact and high water alarms. Click any icon to get a graph of that system.

Boat temperatures

Graphs over Time

Are your batteries slowly draining over time? Bilge pumps running more than normal? Looks at your graphs to see what is happening to your boat.

Trips you've taken

See past trips

Where was that awesome fishing hole we went to last month? NautAlert's GPS keeps track of where you've been even if you forget to log it in your chartplotter.

Anchor Alarm

Anchor Alarm

We've all laid awake at night wondering if we are dragging our anchor. With our easy to view graph, know how far you've drifted and in what direction.

The features you want

Alarms you need

We've listened to customer feedback on what they want in an app and how they want to use it. Updates and changes are based on customer's telling us what they want in the app and how they want to use it.

Even when not using the app, you can get notifications via e-mail or text message of issues occuring on your boat. Sometimes you just want to check in on your boat. Are my batteries charging? Have the heaters in the cabin stopped working? Is my boat dragging the anchor while I'm asleep? Rest easy with just a single view of the app.

Set the alarms and notifications the way you want them. Get e-mails or text messages only on the alarms that matter to you. Some things you may just want an e-mail notification, other times you'll want a text message to alert you to an issue before something happens. Icons on the screen change to red if one of your systems goes past the threshold you set or blue in the case of temperature if it gets too cold.