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Bootstrap Framework

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

That really sums it up.  There are so many great things to say about the bootstrap framework, that really you aught to just go to the bootstrap website and check it out for yourself.

We've taken that framework, extended it with features that we know website designers also like to use, and then wrapped it in a pretty design.


Bootstrap Simplified

All you really need to know is that if you choose to take advantage of the bootstrap components, this website design supports everything you see at the bootstrap website.  This includes the scaffolding, base css, components and javascript.

Supported Components

  • Dropdown menus
  • Button Groups
  • Button Dropdowns
  • Navs
  • Navbars
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination
  • Labels and badges
  • Typography
  • Thumbnails
  • Alerts
  • Progress Bars
  • Media Object
  • Misc



Below are just some of the great styled components that you can take advantage of in your website.


Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse


Default Success Warning Important Info Inverse



Warning! This is an example "warning" alert box.
Danger! This is an example "error" alert box.
Well done! This is an example "success" alert box.
Heads up! This is an example "information" alert box.



You can even take advantage of great bootstrap resources such as Bootsnipp, where you can use free HTML snippets that work with Bootstrap.  Just follow the instructions provided and you can have an extremely polished professional looking website.



Amazing Slider

The Amazing Slider is very similar in nature to the "Nivo Slider" that is ubiquitos across the net, but with more display features.

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Font Awesome Icons

The iconic font designed for Bootstrap

How often have you wanted a uniformed group of icons that you could use in your site, for free?  For us, it was a no brainer to include the Font Awesome icon set into this design.

Take advantage of the beauty and simplicity of the Font Awesome icon font anywhere you need a great looking icon.  See the Font Awesome website for instructions on implementation.


Font Awesome Simplified

It's as easy as including a class to an <i> tag.  Example: <i class='icon-smile'></i> will display . It couldn't be easier than that.  With over 300 icons to choose from, and a number of great examples to show how you can use it, the Font Awesome system is the perfect solution for todays web developers.

We have included Font Awesome 3.1.1 in this design -- if you need a newer version of Font Awesome, go to the website and download and replace the Site/styles/font-awesome/ folder with what you download from Font Awesome.


Fullscreen Slider

The Fullscreen Slider allows you to use any size image, and the component will resize the image to fit the browsers full width. Larger images are better, but you can get away with images as small as 1024x500 pixels and still have a good looking image component.

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Jumbotron Carousel

Included with the Pro Package, the Jumbotron Carousel is a great looking slider used for combining text with transparent photo object.

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Licensed Images

What you see, is definately what you get.

Unlike some other website template providers, we make sure that the images that are included with the package demo are not only included, but also licensed for use in your website.

The images included will either be licensed as Public Domain, Creative Commons, or a special extended license of images from DreamsTime.

If you wish to learn the actual source of the images, please contact our technical support team and we would be happy to provide you a compiled list of sources.


Nivo Slider

Included with the Pro Package, the Nivo Slider is an a very slick and clean way of showcasing a set of images at the top of your page.

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On Scroll Content

Included with all packages, the 'on scroll content' is an eye catching method for loading content into your page as your visitor scrolls down. Content is revealed as the users scrolls farther down the page! The index page is the only page to include this option by default, but you can quickly add the scrolling content sections to any page. Check out the tutorials for more information.

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Parallax Slider

Included with the Pro Package, the Paralax Slider is a high impact slider used for combining text with transparent photo object.

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Product Carousel

Included with the Pro Package, the Product Carousel is an awesome way of showcasing a set of feature products at the top ofa page. Customize it with as many products as you need.

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Responsive Design

Desktop, Tablet, Phone, designed to look great in all sizes.

We've leveraged the responsive extension for the Bootstrap framework to ensure that this design will display appropriately in all devices.

Whether you're viewing it on a tablet, desktop or phone, the page will render this beautiful design -- sometimes hiding regions that are more glam and glitz than substance, for smartphone viewers.

Supported Views

With our adaptive responsive design, your site will adjust to tablets and phones displayed in portrait or landscape mode.


Adaptive vs Responsive

Technically speaking, Adaptive and Responsive are not entirely the same. Look it up in the dictionary and they're more or less synonyms. In the web design world, however, Adaptive means more "hiding/showing" of elements based on different screen resolutions, whereas Responsive means the resizing and moving of elements, gradually, based on screen resolution.

We use both techniques, together, to make your site respond in the best possible manner for whoever (or whatever) is viewing your pages. You don't need to know the mechanics of how it works, under the hood. But, if you want to expand on the use of this, you can check out the documentation at the Bootstrap website.

Social Media Icons

A Bonus Set of Beautiful Social Media Icons

Use any of these icons to link off to any social media accounts you may have.

Included Icons

Most Popular Social Icons

Social Icons and Interest sites

Source Files

For Advanced Users, we include the Master PNG Graphic files.

If you're a keener, and have Adobe Fireworks, you can manipulate our master PNG files to re-colourize your website however you see fit.

This feature is only offered to those who purchase the Pro Package.

Starter Web

Get started quick, with a set of pre-built pages.

For our Standard and Pro packages, we include a set of pre-built pages for you to use and built upon. Copy them as many times as you need to create new pages, rename them, or delete the pages you don't need. 

Pages in the Standard and Pro Packages

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Services
  • FAQs
  • Sitemap
  • Privacy Policy


Photo Slideshow

Included with the Pro Package, the Photo Slideshow is an amazing photo viewer that we know you'll love.

Copy the slideshow page for as many photo galleries as you require. 

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Free Updates & Support

We're here to help if something goes wrong!

We support our product to do what we advertise it to do, 100%. If it doesn't work as we say it should, we'll make sure it does. You can even re-download the template if we've posted a bug fix. Know that you've got hassle free product quality support for up to a year from your time of purchase. If you need additional support after that we're still here to help, and you can sign up for an extended support plan.


Video Slider

Included with the Pro Package, the Video Slider is an great way of showcasing video on a page. When viewing a video, the slider stops from advancing to the next slide, just as you expect it should -- not a feature found in many video sliders!

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