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a little about us

NautAlert started from our own desire to create an affordable boat monitoring system that was intuitive and easy to install.

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What happened to the music?

One warm and beautiful afternoon while boating down the Atlantic Ocean from Ocean City, MD to Norfolk, VA, the radio starts cutting out. After 30 minutes of checking the wiring to the radio, amplifiers and speakers, we realized the batteries had become so low, they could no longer power the radio. While firing up the generator got the tunes blasting again, it would have been nice to receive a text message alerting us to the fact the batteries were getting low. This ensured that battery monitoring be a critical feature of the NautAlert system. Cellular connectivity in the case is definitely a requirement since there is no WiFi out in the Atlantic!


When the power goes out

The inventor likes to keep his boat in the water year round in the Chesapeake Bay where systems do freeze. One particularly cold week, an electrician turned the breaker off that fed power to the boat. As perfect storms happen, this triggered an issue with the wifi. The boat was outfitted with a system that required a NASA engineer to figure out and relied on WiFi. When the power went out, the WiFi also went down leading to no notification being sent out. With the power out and no notice, a water tank, water pump and two faucets bust from freezing. Obviously this is only noticed as you are about to head out on the water to enjoy the first spring day. This experience lead to setting the requirement that NautAlert be able to monitor two temperatures, have battery backup and have cellular connectivity.

Bring Technology to What you Love

Looking to bring our day jobs into the world of boating, NautAlert was conceived at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. Trying to find an affordable solution to monitor our boats systems. Take 30 years of technology experience and match it with 30 years of being a professional boat captain and you get a product built for the needs of boaters. When we want to get out on the water, sometimes our vessels decided to call in sick. After years of heading out to the boat to enjoy a day on the water, only to find one issue or another, we wanted to be alerted to problems before they happened.