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frequently asked questions

Below are some questions we typically get asked. If you can't find what you are looking for here, e-mail us or use our Contact page.

General questions
Part of the monitoring subscription is to connect the unit to the LTE cellular network.
NautAlert connects to the cellular LTE network so your unit can remain connected even when you are away from the dock. One of the main things we here from customers is how poor the WiFi coverage is at their marina. NautAlert was designed so you do not have to rely on your marina's WiFi or Internet provider.
The subscription includes the cellular data package to connect the NautAlert to the Internet as well as the monitoring system to send you e-mail and text message alerts.
Existing Customers
Many engine compartments are shield with foil to keep heat away from your boat. An external cellular antenna is included in the package and should be placed in an area above and away from foil.
The magnetic GPS antenna included in the package should be placed in a location that has the most unobstructed path to the sky. It can be mounted inside your boat but make sure it isn't located below an refrigerator, ice maker, fish box, engine room shielding, etc.
The internal temperature sensor is located on the board inside the NautAlert enclosure. As the board generates heat and the inside of the enclosure gets warm, it will tend to skew the temperature to appear warmer than it is. You'll need to determine variation of temperature based on the mounting location of the unit. Because the external temperature sensor is mounted outside the enclosure, it is much more accurate.
The unit updates our servers every 5 minutes.
You can setup the frequency you wish to receive alarms in the Settings->Alarms section of the website or app.
Tool requirements are pretty basic: screwdriver, pliers and wrench for the battery terminal. You'll need the screwdriver to attach the unit to a wooden surface on the boat and pliers to crimp the connector onto the brown wire for bilge pump monitoring.
New Customers
The unit can be mounted almost anywhere as long as it isn't subjected to spraying water.
The unit can be mounted almost anywhere that is dry. You may need to order some wire extensions to connect the different systems on your boat.
NautAlert will work with electrical systems from 12V to 48V. So even when your batteries are charging, NautAlert can handle the voltage.